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Rent-A-Guy is the newest service Kurt Thomas Construction INC. is offering our customers! We have designed this service to supplement KTC professional services. Rent-A-Guy services can include anything from mowing your lawn while your out of town to needing a couple hours of skilled construction services. We will even work along side of you to complete that do-it-yourself project you need help completing, or that project you lost interest in because it became too frustrating and difficult to finish. We want to offer our customers that middle ground where they know they have a friend to call who also has the skills to complete the project! We are so excited to offer this service to our customers and we hope to hear from you soon! Contact Kurt at 763.807.2489 for a free quote! 

Tiered labor rates are as follows:
Tier 1$45.00/Hour/Person
Tier 2$50.00/Hour/Person
Tier 3$65.00/Hour/Person

*limitations and specifications are noted below.

Tier 1 Services such as:
-Errand running
-Simple assembly 
-Minor cleaning
-Content manipulation (Persons required TBD by KTC; lifting within reasonable limitations of service guy)

Tier 2 Services such as:
-Major cleaning
-Hanging blinds/curtains
-Snow removal for roofs
-Gutter clean-outs

Tier 3 Services such as:
-Major skilled trades for residential remodeling (with exception of plumbing and electrical-per bid)
-Roof Repair
-Window Install
-Trim work
-Any other skilled service as long as it is projected by KTC to take less than 9 hours to complete.*

Rent-A-Guy Limitations and Specifications are noted as follows:

Our Rent-A-Guy services are quoted as labor only services and priced on a tiered rate depending on the level of skill needed to complete the task. All services and rates are ultimately to be determined by KTC and will be approved by the customer before the project begins. 

All projects are required to have a signed service agreement before the project begins. Any additional tasks requested by the customer on the spot must be approved by KTC, and a change order may be needed. 

Rent-A-Guy service is subject to a minimum of a 1 hour charge if located within a 15 mile radius of Buffalo, MN; or a minimum of  4 hours will be charged if located outside the 15 mile radius of  Buffalo, MN. 

Any additional time beyond the minimum charge will be charged in increments of .25 hour

Rent-A-Guy service is a labor only service. Project materials are not included. 

If materials are requested to be collected by KTC, trip charges will be included in the hourly charge plus a gas surcharge of $4.00 per trip.

Rent-A-Guy skilled service work will not be warranted unless the project is completed in its entirety by KTC.

*A gas surcharge of $4.00 per trip will be charged for errand running.

*If the service is projected to be 9 or more hours, the job will be priced on a per bid basis unless more time is approved for the project by Kurt Thomas, owner of KTC INC.

"Committed to serving you better!"

Rent-A-Guy Services:
Kurt Thomas Construction INC.
Kurt Thomas
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